Thoughts on Turning XLIX

Katy and Missy celebrate my birthday last night

Katy and Missy celebrate my birthday last night

I turn 49 years old today. That isn’t necessarily one of the big birthdays. In fact, it is a full year before the one most people emphasize. But since reflecting on turning 50 is so status quo, I thought I’d be radical and get a head start on my mid-life crisis. So here are some things I’m pondering on this slightly less auspicious day…


If I was a dog I’d only be about 7 years old. But I’d also have to go poop outside so I think I still like being a human and 49 years old.

I am the same age as the Super Bowl (kind of) so I think I’ll start writing my age in Roman numerals as that looks more impressive (see title of blog post; be impressed).

Hey! That means in CCCLXIIII days I’ll be L!

If you are only as old as you feel, I feel like I’m 49. So I guess that’s as old as I feel.

Kind of a redundant saying, isn’t it?

Just to be clear: High school in the ’80’s wasn’t anything at all like “The Breakfast Club”. In case you were wondering.

If at 25 I ate and exercised the way I do now, shirtless I would’ve looked ripped. These days when I’m shirtless I just look rippled.

It is a personal triumph to go through the night without having to pee.

I’m young enough to still feel young and think I look young. In fact, I still manage to frighten myself every once in awhile glancing in a mirror: “What the hell is that creepy-looking old guy doing in my bathroom?!”

Younger people ask me questions fully expecting that I’ll know the answer. I haven’t the heart to tell them that I know a lot less now than I did when I was their age.

There’s a hip clothing store called West 49 and a movie about firefighters called “Ladder 49” and a NFL team called the 49ers. Not sure how that is relevant but those are things that pop up when you Google “49”.

I am now the same age as Robert Downey, Jr. That is about the only thing we have in common. And even though he is way more famous and wealthy than me, I just want to point out that I am way taller than he is. That has to count for something.

I’m also the same age as Brooke Shields. Pretty sure I’m taller than she is, too.

Looking back, it seems like I’ve been through a lot of life. Pondering what’s ahead, I realize that I’ve only just started living.

That being said, every day I’m learning that life is too short to waste it meeting other people’s expectations.

Do what you love and love will find you and become a defining characteristic of your life.

In the immortal words of my hero, Joe Strummer, “Without people, you’re nothing.” I am very unsuccessful by contemporary standards. But judging by the people in my life and all the richness they bring to me, I am King of the World.

family shot xmas 2014

DSCF606310945668_942942900758_2238052031896560955_n10868057_927012525358_2094079004013550536_nLHC group shot Sept 1 2013 (800x600)


MoRon 24th pic - Copy

See what I mean? King. Of. The. World.

Life is finer as a 49er.

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