A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 26: Can Jesus Be


Black Jesus by Dariusz Labuzek, 2015

Because everyone needs a little poetry on a Thursday…

Can Jesus Be

If my heart is not open wide

If I support tyrants

Perpetuate lies

Can Jesus still be my guide?


If I demand my voice be heard

If I cannot eat humble pie

Or see the plank in my eye

Can Jesus be my living Word?


If I recoil in disgust from anyone

If I cannot kiss the leper

Or the fearful stranger

Can I claim to know God’s only Son?


If I aim my daggers at the foe

If I hate anyone at all

Or wish ill befall

Can Jesus’ steps be the Way I go?


If I cling to comfort and greed

If I stare at screens

Chase virtual dreams

Can Jesus be really all I need?


If I give lip service to the News

If I twist Good into bad

Untruths sung and said

Can Jesus’ Gospel be my muse?


If I fantasize and play the game

If reality interferes

Deaf to silent tears

Can Jesus be Name above names?


If I refuse to open my embrace

If I say Yes but do No

Or put on a show

Can Jesus lead me in his grace?


If I can recite what I’m supposed to say

If I keep up appearances

For believer audiences

Can I be Jesus today or any day?




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