A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 31: No Boundaries, No Walls

asghar-farhadi“Art removes boundaries and makes the world brighter. It is the common language for people all over the world. But politics are the opposite completely. Politicians, their very meaning is based on the lines they draw.”

Asghar Farhadi is an Oscar-winning film director (“The Separation”, 2012). His movie “The Salesman” has been nominated for an Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards. But he will not be attending. Asghar Farhadi is living in Iran and he has been banned from coming into America. Despite his U.S. Green Card, despite his reputation and regard as one of the most influential and creative people in the world; despite his work to promote empathy and compassion and commonality across cultural, religious and political lines – Asghar Farhadi is not welcome.

Artists must stand with artists. We are all about removing boundaries and making the world a brighter place. And we will continue this fight. Not walls, not bans, not prejudice, not deportation, not torture, not intimidation, not hatred, not fear – We will still be standing when all of that and the evil behind it is ancient history.

Art endures. It endures because it challenges convention, promotes empathy, confronts injustice, gives dignity, invites dialogue, welcomes collaboration, destroys barriers and builds bridges. Art is the antithesis of division and tribalism.

Artists – we need you now more than ever. Keep doing what you’re doing. Go public. Don’t be afraid. The beauty and ugliness and joy and pain and wonder and sorrow you present in your art reminds us of our shared humanity, our common planet, our unity of spirit.

Go and create!




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