A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 34: Flowers in February

I am such a hopeless romantic that I let my wife buy flowers for herself whenever she wants to. I know – I’m an amazing man. She loves flowers and pretty much every other growing thing. I have never met someone with such a green thumb. Even when she discards one, it thrives in the compost bin. The gardens around our house are her oasis in the Spring, Summer and Fall. But in the dead of Winter? It is her dozens and dozens of houseplants and the fresh cut flowers she brings home that give her life.

In the spirit of bringing a bit of color and life into the bleak midwinter of February, here are a few flower still life drawings I have done over the last few years. One of them was a gift to my wife on Valentine’s Day (yes, there is some romance in me, after all).


“Pitcher with Roses” Chalk Pastels


“Roses with Oranges” (Valentine’s Day 2015) Chalk Pastels


“Two Blue Pitchers” Art Markers, Pen & Ink


“Tulips in Pitcher 1” Art Markers, Pen & Ink


“Tulips in Pitcher 2” Art Markers, Pen & Ink

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