A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 47: In a Dungeon

I’m keeping the Valentine’s Vibe going for awhile this week… I unearthed another poem I wrote for my wife, this one from seven years back. It concerns the place we met and those early days of falling in love with each other.

In a Dungeon 

In a dungeon dark with artwork

I saw her, a score years ago or more

She draped herself in black and quiet

Her brown hair long and scarves she wore

In that place of unusual faces

She alone of all caught my eye

A crystal sea blue and brilliant gaze

Behind which such intensity lie

When at first I made her laugh

For a moment I couldn’t breathe

Warmth and beauty together there

Should not be directed just to me

Soon my thoughts never strayed

From her in dream or daytime wake

How could one person, small and soft

Fill me up enough to make me break?

In that dungeon many years ago

I became captive to on person alone

And the years have gone, age has come

But she remains for me the only one

And in my mind’s eye, as we share days

I still see that woman from time past

Now she drapes me in grace and life

Warmth and beauty, together will last

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