A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 115: SHOUT-out to Kina

She has no idea I’m doing this… (is there ever a good ending to a sentence like that?)

Today on this blog devoted to creativity I want to give a shout-out to a young woman I have known since she was about, oh, fourteen years old or so. Kina Forney, nee deGrasse, is someone who lives and breathes creativity. From early on, I could see this truth about her and I am so happy that she has pursued her art into her adulthood, despite its challenges when life and kids came along. She is supported by an awesome husband and family who encourage her career in art. I couldn’t be more pleased with seeing her become a truly great artist.

Her work is so much of who she is: Intelligent, whimsical, eclectic, lyrical and full of all the colours of life. I want to urge you to check out her work yourself. Please visit her website listed below. You will not be disappointed!


And Kina, on a personal note, thanks for inspiring the artist in me to return to the surface. Artists inspire artists, art begets art.


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