A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 152: I Want to Adopt Bishop Briggs


Her stage name is Bishop Briggs because her real name is Sarah McLaughlin and she didn’t want to be confused with, well, Sarah McLachlan. Her parents hail from Bishopbriggs, Scotland, hence one of the coolest stage names in recent memory. She is only 24. She hasn’t even released a full album yet. But she is one of those artists who can sing one song – ONE – and completely blow your mind.

Last summer my favorite radio station in Ottawa, Live 88.5, played her single “River” over and over again so I listened to it over and over again and… never, ever got sick of it. Wow! You gotta listen to it, okay? I’ve included a video of her singing it live on the Tonight Show and the official video of “River”. I’m telling you, you’ll want to hear it a few times. The commitment level to the vocals sends shivers down my spine. She says Gospel and Soul music play a huge part in her sound and she is oh-so right. This is someone born to sing in a voice that picks you up and carries you along, so strong that she’ll never drop you.

Born in England, raised in Japan and Hong Kong, now living in California, she has opened for Coldplay and Kaleo. She has a huge, beautiful smile and loves to hug people. After watching interviews with her all I can say is she is friggin’ adorable and I want to adopt her.

I kinda like her and her music, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Bishop Briggs everybody…


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