A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 173: Single Line Portraits, part 2


It turns out, a single line not only has a lot to say, it can also keep your attention for a good while.

I didn’t get enough of single line portraits so I went at it again. This time, I chose a different sketch book and used a thicker Sharpie marker so I would get a stronger line. I had some abysmal failures but I kept at it. In the process I feel it has helped me learn more about how to say more with less.

Here is part 2 of my single line portraits experiment. As I told one of my students today, “It’s like taking a line for a walk”.

19260669_10210152685002235_884543691307582875_n19260589_10210152686162264_2710377016644201789_n (1)19275023_10210152686842281_6535756946775528643_n19274835_10210152689922358_4598787227535701133_n19396618_10210152692962434_7850390364187717704_n19396834_10210152688162314_3154340291522737075_n19399674_10210152694682477_4844975713104556905_n19399853_10210152693842456_3598491910118275687_n19396690_10210152696282517_2747855689196657622_n


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