A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 185: With No Eraser

Monique and Me at We Day 2017

We’re Crafting Something Not Archival


We’re crafting something not archival
Patch work with bits and moments, shared unshared
Minutes, hours, weeks, years stuck with glue
Sometimes precise, sometimes slap-dash,
Sometimes sloppy, sometimes meticulous

It’s an abstract post-modern expressionist pop art surrealistic dada impressionist messiness
With no eraser

We’re creating something on non-acid free paper
Colorful, intense at once masterful and amatuerish
At times it’s intentional, others off hand, and many times
Somewhere in the middle
Somewhere over the ROY G BIV

It’s an explosion of Pollack, a warmth of Monet, a crazy Munch monkey on caffeine
With no eraser

We’re making something like performance art
Or a chalk drawing on an overcast day
So much beauty, so much work, so much love invested
Temporal, a gift to the present and to the present
Somehow eternal in its limited edition

It’s a Group of Seven Fauvist Realistic Cubist Classic bit of Primitive art
With no eraser

We’re crafting something not archival
It won’t last beyond you and me
But it’s not the kind of thing meant for a gallery
It’s meant for the crafting
Something just for you and me

It’s a wonderful sad joyful interweaving brushstrokes applied by two
I’m glad there’s no eraser
Because it’s ours


by Ronald Kok, July 3, 2017

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