A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 186: Over Half-Way There…

Self portrait in craft foam 2017

I just realized something… I am over half-way there.

On January 1, 2017 I began this creativity odyssey for myself: A daily exploration of art in my own life as well as influences, inspirations and things that leave a lasting impression. This has been my Year of Creating Dangerously, the “danger” being the risk it takes as any kind of creative person to put your creativity out there for all the world to see. ¬†It has been quite the journey so far and not a small challenge to be diligent in my daily blogging!

To mark the just over half-way mark, here is a gallery of some of the artwork I’ve created in 2017. I realized as I was putting these images here that they reflect part of that creative journey I’ve been on. They also reflect a bit of artistic ADHD…


DSC_0268Self Portrait, Klee-styleself portrait, fauve styleSelf Portrait, Picasso-styleSelf Portrait, Chagall-styleDSC_0257Picking DandelionsCrucifixion CoronationDSC_0652Fall in Springtime18275109_10209725832651193_8513613861328256563_nBob Dylan DreamCamoufleurs18951426_10210062236221072_3415614507451540906_nNolaAlison



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