A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 205: Play On, Seriously Play

silent winters house concert

Play On, Seriously Play

Two voices, one guitar, a little big space for sharing
Adds up to something small in simple language

Words words and melodies, we hear them all the time
From malls to cars to bars to little big spaces

People listen, full to somewhat at attention, ears open
Going in one and out the other, brief rests in between

Music common background noise, soundtrack to mundane
Music adds up to thousands of voices, words, melodies – Rinse, Repeat

Common, everyday, background, noise, rattle, hum, drum
We crave, we ingest, we desire, we inject, never enough

Realize, without voices, guitars, bass, keys, drums
The Void consumes, the Monster tramples on and on and on

What is common battles the brutal, background destroys banal
Two voices, one guitar, weapons of mass destruction

Words and melodies create the war dance, move the feet
That trample the tramplers, consume the consumers

The singer stands in the Void, guitarist leaps in the breach
The onslaught is fiercly met, repulsed again, beaten back beat

Courageously fearful, head long into it because they must
Stem the tide, strum the chords that shake spears and shatter shields

Open your mouth, give the cry to those choked with acrid fumes
Let words flow in a stream to ease their throats, give them grace

Play on, play, play, seriously play as play wins the day, play
Strings and keys, sticks and skins, swing and shimmy, rock that roll

Soft, loud, shattered, fine, kind, angry, bitter, adoring, sad and overjoyed
No matter – Play on, play, play, seriously just play til you win the day

This little big space we share needs your voices, your guitar, your words
Fill it up with the excess of your soul, your blues, your emotional vent

Two voices, one guitar, a little big space for sharing
Adds up to something not so common after all

Cruelty consumed by compassion, grace kicks despair’s ass
Music a soundtrack for the victorious battle scene

Is it seen that way? Often the fight goes unnoticed, granted taken
But music exists to give life to existence, to extinguish the heartless flame

We crave, we listen, we open our hearts to music’s incisions
To bleed out our love, our sorrow, our pain, our laughter, our hopes

Its uncommon commonality fools us, fools us with its wisdom
Truth is: We can’t live without it, or it without us – Music, play on


By Ron Kok, written July 23, 2017 after attending a house concert performance by Silent Winters in Russell, Ontario


Please check out Silent Winters, a new Canadian folk duo:

http://www.silentwinters.com | http://www.twitter.com/silentswinterss | http://www.facebook.com/silentwintersmusic | http://www.soundcloud.com/silentwinters | http://www.instagram.com/silentwinters


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