A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 228: Cottage Creativity, Part 3


Monique painting on Lac Joly, Quebec – Photo by Zoe Kok

For my last installment of Cottage Creativity, I present a small gallery of small paintings done by my wife, Monique.

I have posted about her ability to translate the large landscape to the small canvas before. She worked that magic again this time ’round at the cottage. But she also put some of the small flora around the cottage to canvas, too.

The largest canvas here is 4″ by 5″ while the smallest is only 2″ by 2″. All were done en plein air. Monique has again given us proof that fine art doesn’t have to come in large packages.

As a bonus, see if you can spot the little guest making an appearance in the painting below…



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