A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 254: Monet Minute for Monday

Claude_Monet,_Saint-Georges_magiorre_at dusk

Claude Monet, St. Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk

When you take the time to look at a work of art, do you really take the time?

Last week I was feeling tired and a bit stressed so I looked up “Monet paintings” on Google images. I’m sure you do that when you’re tired and stressed, too, right? Anyway, I intended to post a few of Claude Monet’s paintings here as a kind of stress-reliever for myself and you, faithful blog reader. But then I got to thinking (that happens to me once in awhile), “Why post a bunch of his paintings in one go? Doesn’t that just feed the inevitable scroll of contemporary online perusal? How about one painting per day for a week?! And then… then… (my brain needed to warm up some more at this point)…. then… I challenge the people who come to this blog to spend some time with that painting?”

I know – Brilliance, right? I am often amazed at my own insight.

So what I’d like to do is challenge you do linger with this painting. And, if you so choose, to linger with a Monet painting per day for the remainder of this week. Artwork takes on a whole different force of impact when allowed to work on the viewer for awhile. Some think you should sit in front of a painting for a half hour at least! However, this is not the painting but a photo of the painting and, really, I can imagine asking that kind of time commitment from you. But maybe you could take a minute? A full 60 seconds? That is going to feel like an eternity in this day and age of Tweets and Bits and Two-Bite Brownies. But you can do it. I believe in you.

So for this Monday I ask for a literal minute of your time. Let’s call it the Monet Minute for the day. I’ve posted the same image below now for you to give that first 60 seconds a try.

Have a less stressful and more peaceful Monday. Have a Happy Monet Minute…

Claude_Monet,_Saint-Georges_magiorre_at dusk




2 thoughts on “A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 254: Monet Minute for Monday

  1. joanmocco says:

    I also zoomed in close and was stunned to see the complexity of the color palette. From afar, you would never guess. Thank you for your hard work and beautiful results on this blog posting and everything you’ve shared previously.

    Liked by 1 person

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