A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 289: Drawing Self-Motivation

pen sketch portrait pine

I haven’t been feeling well lately so the best you’ll get from me today is this simple sketch.

I just started out drawing with an art pen in my cheap dollar store sketch book. I didn’t intend this to end up looking kinda, sorta like a self-portrait. Maybe it was reflective of how I was feeling. But I did enjoy building up the face and hair with layers and more layers of swooping and swirling lines. It never ceases to amaze me that a bunch of lines, literally hundreds in a sketch like this, can be formed to give the impression that you’re looking at a face. Art remains a miracle to me in so many ways.

I inserted the lone, scraggly pine tree in the background because the face was reminding me of resilience, like those trees I admire so much. They cling to rock faces, take on the pounding of ice and rain, the intense heat and bitter cold, and remain.

I was not intending to draw a self-portrait but maybe I drew some self-motivation.


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