A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 360: Boxing Day


Happy Boxing Day! Yeah, I have no idea what that’s all about either. Having grown up in the U.S.A. we did not observe anything particularly special about the day after Christmas.  I now live in Canada, which often finds itself remaining under the sway of some particularly British traditions. One of those is Boxing Day. The origins of this term are not completely clear, but it seems to refer to the giving of a “Christmas Box” to boys or men whose job it was to deliver mail and parcels to your door. In the U.K. on December 26 it became a day to thank the people who do this work of service, in other words. It has in our day, of course, grown into another excuse to lure shoppers to stores for BARGAINS! BARGAINS! BARGAINS! At least, that is the case here in Canada.

However, for me, Boxing Day never fails to make me think of … well, boxing and that makes me think the Rock em Sock em Robots game I used to play as a kid, which in turn makes me think of one of my favorite comic bits from the Toy Story movies:

So Happy Boxing Day! Whatever that might mean to you!

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