Hello – Thanks for checking out this “About” section. Simply put, I’m a guy who explores creativity in many forms. In 2017 I did a post per-day, each one dedicated to creativity (365 friggin’ days!). As a visual artist, writer, photographer, poet, and occasional musician, I look for opportunities to create as I’ve found it gives substance and purpose to my life. This blog has taken many forms but currently, going into 2019, I’ve decided to reserve it for my words and possibly photography too. If you are interested in seeing my visual art, please check out R.S. Kadoodles on Instagram or Facebook.

See, not just with your eyes, as the heart is where you capture truth and beauty that lasts.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Elaine Siemsen says:

    Good morning. I found your site as I was looking for images to use in worship next Sunday for reading Ragman. I am not sure that this is where I am going, but I wondered if you would allow me to use your images and if you would like a fee for the use? It would be for one service at Immanuel Lutheran church, Cresco, iowa.

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    • Hi, Elaine! No problem using the images! Another church did the same last year at Easter time. I do not expect a fee. However, if you could give me credit 🙂 and list the blog they came from, that would be great. I hope they can work well for you. Let me know if you use them!

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