A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 212: Canada’s Painted Grandeur, Part 1

Thomson Sunset 1915

Tom Thomson, Sunset, 1915

“Take everything as it comes; the wave passes, deal with the next one.” – Tom Thomson (1877-1917)

For the next couple of weeks I hope to soak up as much beauty as I can in the little corner of my adopted country of Canada. Over those days I will present Canada’s Painted Grandeur through images from the country’s most celebrated clan of artists, the Group of  Seven. Ironically, this look at the Seven will be in ten parts! That is, not only the Seven, but their main influence and two of their contemporaries.

It is fitting today to share a painting by Tom Thomson, a man who died far too young but gave inspiration that has lasted for a hundred years (so far). He is the main influence on the Group of Seven and on thousands of artists to this day.  In his work he embodies the spirit of Canada: a wildness and humbleness, a colorful display that is very much alive and thriving.

Over the next two weeks you’ll see how each of these artists, through their own unique vision of the Canadian wilderness, were able to imprint an image to the soul of their young country.